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About Belterra

Our mission is to aspire to the Latin American way of living and sharing, where beautiful people, landscapes, food, and sometimes gemstones, shape your emotions. We want YOU to feel beautiful with our fine jewelry, while offering transparency about sourcing and creation process.

What is the connection between Paris and Latin America, you ask? The founder lived in Paris for several years and as her brother likes to remind her, "The Tropical Paris" is the nickname of the South American city she was born in. This is where it all started.

Belterra's founder was born in Brazil and raised in South, Central and North America. Mariluce was always passionate about jewelry and worked in the industry for years; her jewelry journey began in 2011. Even as she was working as a schoolteacher, her love of jewelry was still alive, attending jewelry shows in Paris. Her multicultural hand can be seen in the art and soul of Belterra's creations.

Beyond her own work, she believes Belterra should be a place to showcase and support fine jewelry, art and culture from Latin America. She loves to be THE curator of Latin American fine jewelry.

Rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets… Belterra brings the spirit of Latin America into every piece of jewelry displayed, thus putting forward a Latino-infused cultural exchange to the world.

Wearing sparkles while feeling good and doing good is one of our core beliefs. Belterra commits to donate 5% of each sale to a charity organization focused on giving each child the opportunity to thrive.

Paris Shape (Paname) Diamond Signet Ring

Why Paname?

Paname is one of the many nicknames of Paris. Our founder loved wandering around the city. The idea of creating an authentic piece of Paris to take everywhere with her was important. She knew she wanted to do something that would show all of the arrondissements (districts) of Paris. The idea came while looking at a map of Paris. After having come up with a few different concepts for the map. She decided that a signet ring would be the way to go. She also chose a pear shaped diamond because it fit perfectly around the idea that Paris looks like a snail. Some of the seine is hidden under the diamond.

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